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Reader Submitted Recipes

Share your favorite Maine-inspired recipe and it may be featured on our website! It’s easy. Enter your recipe info and pictures, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Then, let the Down East community see your delicious creations.


August 2015

The August issue is now on newsstands and in our store! Your favorite Maine state parks, the definitive guide to the Maine accent(s), the Kennebunks’ identity crisis, Spose talks, and blueberry pancakes.


Summer’s Jewels

Berries with biscuits and cream evoke memories of carefree days. Try this Maine recipe for biscuits with summer berries.

Maine Homes, Village Farm, Damariscotta

Village Farm

Sandy Vogels calls his Damariscotta micro-homestead Ephemeral Farm, but there’s nothing ephemeral about his devotion to the circa-1850s house — or to his animals. He’s raised the goats since they were two-week-old kids.