2015 Blackburnian Warbler 148-1

Young Visitor

Best time of the year. Flowering crab trees can attract so many different types of birds. This bird had me going to my trusty…

2015 Early Flowering Crab 116-1

First Blossom

The first blossom of my four flowering trees. A slow start but I’m betting this will be a more colorful season than usual.

2015 Bleeding Hearts 04-1

Spring is here!

My bleeding hearts tell me spring is finally here. I cut it down every fall and the plant keeps getting fuller and fuller. You’ll…

2015 Cedarwaxwing 114-1

Contemplating His Meal

Caught this cedar waxwing yesterday in my front yard. They’re about 4 weeks earlier than last year so maybe spring IS just around the…

2015 Deck Snow 21

Deck Snow

While clearing my driveway … again … I happened to notice that snow can have a good side? Neat sculptures on my deck railing.

Clouds & Ice 2-342-1

Ice “Growth”

Taken December 2013, after the ice storm, on the “Ridge” in Wales. It’s amazing what ice can do, and create.