2015 Deck Snow 21

Deck Snow

While clearing my driveway … again … I happened to notice that snow can have a good side? Neat sculptures on my deck railing.

Clouds & Ice 2-342-1

Ice “Growth”

Taken December 2013, after the ice storm, on the “Ridge” in Wales. It’s amazing what ice can do, and create.

2014 OOB Sunrise 0821 538-1

Old Orchard Beach

My first sunrise of 2014. I slept in the previous day by accident but maybe this was meant to be? It was so peaceful…

2014 Camp Jul 5 Sunset 48-1

Sunset Flight

Taken at my daughter’s camp on Woodbury Pond in Litchfield. The plane is docked on the opposite shore.

2014 Camp Jul 5 Sunset 11-1

Sharing The Water

Taken on Woodbury Pond in Litchfield. A plane was landing and this boat was about to go bass fishing. Just goes to show how…