Rob Sneddon

Rob Sneddon is a contributing editor to Down East magazine.


Zoning Out

A switch to Atlantic Standard Time could brighten up Maine’s winter evenings.



An Oakfield company has developed a formula for building cost-effective, energy-efficient homes using northern white cedar. By Rob Sneddon / Photographed by Jason P….


Is This Girl Committing a Crime?

Thanks to high passions, 
vague laws, and muddled 
court decisions, sorting 
out where property 
owners’ rights end and 
the public domain begins 
is no day at the beach.

Coming to Terms

A legal brief on the issues in Maine’s recent beach disputes The Colonial Ordinance Adopted in the 1640s, retained by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts…


Making Waves

By offering do-it-yourselfers a chance to build their own boards using locally grown wood, Grain Surfboards in York has carved a niche in the…