A Reverberating Question

A Down East fishing community weighs — yet again — 
whether to trust the Canadians with a beloved artifact. The original bell from steamship…



Musher Ashley Patterson says the Can-Am Crown is the most physically and mentally challenging dog sled race in the East.


All Hail The Woodstove!

Mainers have a special relationship with their woodstoves — and plenty to say about them. Michael Burke is just getting warmed up.


The Belfast Operation

In 1984, cocaine trafficking in Maine was considered an urban problem. But in the sticks of the midcoast, a loose cartel of freewheeling, twenty-something drug dealers was building an empire — until one of the state’s most elaborate and far-reaching undercover operations brought it all crashing down.


Zoning Out

A switch to Atlantic Standard Time could brighten up Maine’s winter evenings.


A Winter Place

Much of Maine goes into hibernation in winter. Indeed, in some parts of the state, entire villages become virtual ghost towns. Not Fort Kent.


Parade of Lights

Portland Harbor’s Christmas parade is a brief — but brilliant — holiday celebration.


Bench Warmer

Just in time for the holidays, Portland’s municipal organist is reunited with his (50-ton) instrument.