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deer isle scene 1 W

Deer Isle

Old dories at the edge of the road against a pretty green blue inlet on Deer Isle. Subscribe to our newsletters to get the…

friendship, ME II

Friendship, Maine

Classic Maine fishing harbor waking up to flat calm. Get the Best of Maine every month with a subscription to Down East for just…

Fog Rolling In

Foggy Bottom Coast

Fog along the Maine coast can roll in so quickly that a seemingly sunny day is suddenly shrouded in misting cloudy cover, blanketing coast…

2015 Early Flowering Crab 116-1

First Blossom

The first blossom of my four flowering trees. A slow start but I’m betting this will be a more colorful season than usual.

2015 Bleeding Hearts 04-1

Spring is here!

My bleeding hearts tell me spring is finally here. I cut it down every fall and the plant keeps getting fuller and fuller. You’ll…


Fun At the Beach

Fun at the beach in Ogunquit. Subscribe to our newsletters to get the best Maine travel, culture, and dining stories (and photos) each week.